Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ministry Update #1

Ministry in New Mexico
A brief report for you about my first day in the pulpit here at FBC Espanola, NM. It went really well. Received a lot of positive feedback. The church seems to realize they are pretty much a restart, but they do a have a lot going for them. They love God's Word and want to reach people with the gospel. I made a new web site for the church last week at Our biggest need right now is a children's program during the worship service. We also need to form a worship band.

I had a meeting with the deacons tonight and we are agreed that the priority is to get the Sunday morning ministry at the level it needs to be and then from there branch out to other ministries. I'm surprised at how many attend even without a children's ministry in place. I'm posting the sermons here:

Ministry with WorldVenture
As for our ministry with WorldVenture to Italy, we really need to find a Partner Development Coach. This person is sort of an accountability/encouragement person to keep us on track with our support discovery. This person has to be able to attend training with me in Colorado. We really need God to provide someone soon. I asked one person in ABQ and he is willing but cannot attend the training. I'm hoping WV will let him be the one even without the training. Please pray with us about this need.

We have our prayer cards and would love to send you one. Please reply with your request and mailing address and we'll get one out to you. You can read our ministry profile on the WorldVenture web site here: (If you get a security notice, click "no" to see all the content)

Family News
The kids love being in a house now instead of an apartment (they can run and jump without disturbing neighbors below). They have a swing set in the backyard. It's really nice living across the street from the church. Kimberly loves having a normal sized kitchen and being in driving distance of family. Her mother has already been over and my mother, sister, and neice came over today. I'm enjoying riding the Ducati in the mountains of Northern NM. Now need to find a place to play racquetball. Here's some photos I took recently around our area.

Let us know if you are ever in beautiful New Mexico. We'd love to visit and show you around.

Massimo, Kimberly, Aemilia, Gianna, and Loris.

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